Doug Cooper

Doug Cooper, Owner and Founder

Douglas Cooper founded Diversified Kitchens in 1999 and has been serving Fairfield and New Haven county professionals and homeowners ever since.

Learning his craft beginning with building custom kitchens by hand for 12 years, Doug fell in love with cabinetry and kitchen design. Doug understands quality. He appreciates the nuances of the different species of wood and how they hold their grain when stained and finished. He knows what it takes to do the job from concept to completion and get it done right.

Before opening DK, Doug worked at a retail yard for 5 years. From that experience, he knew firsthand what it took to bring together the best products while also offering outstanding customer service, Doug decided to open Diversified.

In the beginning, he exclusively serviced professional architects, general contractors, builders and developers with hands-on that gave him an edge. He served them as an extension of their staff offering outstanding project management and impeccable follow-through. From this dedication to complete client satisfaction, the referrals came in and he began to offer those same specialized services to the general public.

DK’s hand-picked staff of designers has access to hundreds of products and is dedicated to the expression of each client’s personal design.

In addition, Doug takes mentoring young designers very seriously by giving them an education from the ground up.  By learning this way, they begin to understand and appreciate kitchens – from carrying them to caring for them.

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