Our Process

At Diversified Kitchens we take our inspiration from you -- from your dreams, your colors and your own special flair.

Our talented designers know cabinetry, countertops, and hardware in such a way that they can take your inspiration and give your home personality.  That’s why we begin our process with a visit to our showroom.

At DK, we have over 25 cabinet displays, 400 countertop samples, 100 decorative hardware samples and 300 door styles that will inspire your creativity.

Our next step is an in-home measure. At this, your second consultation, we combine your showroom experience with the actual layout of your cabinet project.

During this meeting your designer will identify any creative opportunities or possible production issues. This critical step allows DK to give you the most accurate estimate possible and assure that the all important decisions are considered.

The third step of our process you will continue feeling the excitement of seeing your dream project realized and precisely how it will come together in your own home. At this visit, you are presented with your personalized 3D design and estimate. It is at this point that design decisions are refined, budgetary issues addressed, and an installation date is determined.

Next, you and your designer will meet with a DK installation expert in your home to review the installation process and any site issues.

Finally, Diversified Kitchens prides itself on timely installations by top-notch installers. Our installation team has worked with DK for since 1999. They are professionals and enjoy the satisfaction of their long time partnership with DK. This special relationship is a key factor in the success of your project.