Our Designers


Senior Designer

Doug Cooper

Douglas Cooper is the founder and lead designer for Diversified Kitchens. Doug designs cabinetry for every room in the house. He simply loves wood, the grain, the color, the texture, all of it. Not only does Doug design for his clients, he also offers recommendations as a team leader.

In addition, Doug takes mentoring young designers very seriously by giving them an education from ground up. By learning this way, they begin to understand and appreciate kitchens — from carrying them to caring for them.


Frank Marini

Frank joined Diversified Kitchens at the beginning of 2013.  He comes from Corporate America where he started as a computer programmer and steadily progressed to higher level positions in Information Technology.  In the late 80’s, Frank started a home remodeling business while continuing in Corporate America.  He gradually started a home building business.  Designers at Diversified Kitchens worked closely with Frank to provide beautiful kitchens and baths for the homes and renovations completed by Frank’s companies.  In fact, Diversified Kitchens became his exclusive provider of all his cabinetry.

In 2012, Frank retired from Corporate America.  He also cut back on the construction businesses.  Retirement didn’t last long, however, and he has brought his computer, design, and construction knowledge to Diversified as one of our Designers and Project Managers.

Contact him at:  Frank@DiversifiedKitchensLLC.com


Mike Scarpa

Mike joined Diversified Kitchens in 2014.  He has a background in building, and has installed many kitchens himself, which will help in your designing process.

Mike’s main priority is to design a kitchen or bath to his client’s wants and budget, so that it can be enjoyed for years to come.  He works with his clients from initial design, all the way to completion of their project, assuring their satisfaction.

Contact him at:  Mike@DiversifiedKitchensLLC.com


Mimi Moore

Mimi has been with Diversified Kitchens since 2015 and has been designing since 1999.  Before designing kitchens, Mimi worked in the fashion industry for Saks Fifth Avenue and Lord and Taylor and earned her Master’s Degree in Finance at The University of Connecticut.

Listening is key when evaluating any client’s vision, and Mimi will integrate her client’s wish lists into their cabinetry projects.  Mimi feels that planning practically for all family members, budgets, and other considerations is paramount for long lasting relationships with her clients.  She will consider all aspects of the project, and plans kitchens that function for different lifestyles and cooking styles. Mimi’s abilities as a project manager are perfect for residential or commercial projects, and can work with any material and concept to obtain stunning results.

Contact her at:  Mimi@DiversifiedKitchensLLC.com


Ben DeMarco

Ben began his career as a Kitchen and Bath designer in 2018 and is committed to quality and innovation.  Mentored by Doug Cooper, Ben has come to use his talent along with innovative thinking to design according to the client’s vision of their ideal kitchen and bath.  Ben understands the sensitivity involved in aspects such as cabinet color, wood material, countertops, lighting, and accessories while at the same time meeting deadlines.

Ben believes that patience and listening skills are very important when dealing with a client, and when mastered, they bring out the timeless designs of each project.

Contact him at:  Ben@DiversifiedKitchensLLC.com


steven stickel

Steven has 18 years of experience in the design and sales of kitchens and countertops.  He has an excellent reputation with contractors, remodelers and homeowners providing excellent service and extensive product and project knowledge.

Using kitchen design software and the variety of products available he can find the best fit and design for any customer’s needs.  It is very important to him to keep a project on budget and get things right the first time.




Inspired by her own kitchen renovation in 2008, Brenda left her corporate consulting career behind to pursue an unwavering passion for design.  Brenda holds a Master’s Degree in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University, and believes that education is best acquired from life experience. She loves working with colors and textures, balancing function with aesthetics and symmetry.  Brenda enjoys helping clients visualize their concept (with the assistance of CAD software – we all use this tool at Diversified Kitchens!), and has found that witnessing client contentment with the final outcome to be the highest reward.  Customer service remains her top priority, with sensitivity to budgets and time constraints.




Darrin has worked with DK since 2015.  He is a key member of the DK team.  He has unlimited energy and is always working on projects in and around the showroom.  He leads the charge in improving our displays and all of our equipment, including our fleet of vehicles.

Darrin is well known in the community as a hard worker.  Darrin understands the value of client relationships and demonstrates natural social ability and business acumen.  He continues to challenge himself to understand all aspects of running a successful, local business and contributing to the community.